How to Plant Single Onions

How to Plant Single Onions

Filmelpasado – Speaking of onions, you can also see Why Does Tomato Wilt? This is the cause and how to treat it, of course you know garlic very well.

Unlike other types of onions, garlic has its own characteristics in the form of great flavor and aroma.

Compared to other types of onions and onions, garlic has a very distinctive aroma. There are several types of garlic that you can find in the market, in fact each garlic has its own benefits.

Although in general, garlic has advantages as a flavor and aroma enhancer in different dishes from How to Save Near-Dead Plants, as well as other benefits of garlic, especially in the industry. of health. Plain garlic is a very important type of garlic in the health world.

Simple garlic is a type of garlic with a characteristic that is not in high demand. Simple garlic has only one clove, which is why it is called simple garlic.

Some people also strongly believe that garlic can cure various illnesses, such as colds, coughing up phlegm, coughing up blood, dizziness, and shortness of breath. While in the culinary world, you can also see Why Orkid Leaves Wither? Here is the cause and how to fix it, this unique garlic is often used as a seasoning and spice blend for broth and coconut milk dishes.

How to plant a single garlic

  1. The first step in planting a single garlic that you need to do is prepare the location and the planting medium.
  2. For the location of the plantation, you need to choose the right location.
  3. The location should be close to water sources and easily accessible.
  4. Also make sure it is away from industrial areas.
  5. Do a site clean-up if you found it
  6. The location should also be protected from contamination such as motorcycle smoke and kitchen smoke.
  7. Also pay attention to the lighting in the place
  8. Make sure the location has plenty of light
  9. After the location, it is time for you to prepare the planting media.
  10. Media can be in the form of cans, poly bags, used buckets or used paint cans to save more cost.
  11. You can also plant it directly in the ground on the spot.
  12. Prepare the soil while making a single garlic nursery.
  13. For nursery substrates, it is a good idea to use a seedling tray to keep costs down.
  14. Prepare the soil mixed with compost or manure in a ratio of 2: 1
  15. Place the soil in the media tray and make planting holes 5 cm to 10 cm apart
  16. For the depth of the planting hole, make it as deep as 5cm to 7cm
  17. You can get individual garlic seeds directly from old onions or buy them from the farmer.
  18. It will be easier if you buy it directly
  19. Choose quality seeds suitable for planting
  20. Place the seeds in the planting hole in the seedling medium and place the medium in a special low-light room.
  21. Be careful in maintaining soil moisture using the spray method
  22. Irrigation is only carried out if the soil in the substrate begins to dry out
  23. Seedlings are ready to move once they are 5-7cm tall.
  24. The time the seeds are ready to move is when the seedlings are 2 weeks old.
  25. While waiting for the seeds to be ready to be transplanted, prepare the soil
  26. First of all, clear the ground of rocks, large trees if the ground is full of trees, grass and weeds.
  27. After that, loosen the soil by digging to a depth of 40 cm to 50 cm.
  28. Measure soil pH differently from how you plant trees and King Ulam treatments, try to keep the pH not lower than 6
  29. Liming if the pH is too low with dolmit
  30. Mix the soil with compost, NPK, and ZA to add nutrients.
  31. Make beds up to 40 cm to 60 cm
  32. Make a planting hole with a distance of 15 cm each hole
  33. For the depth of the hole, do it up to 10 cm deep.
  34. If you are planting in used pots, buckets, or cans, you don’t need to cultivate the soil.
  35. Just prepare a soil mix of organic fertilizers like compost or manure if you want to grow plain organic garlic.
  36. Put the mixed soil in the planting medium, such as different poly bags with the scented lemongrass distillation method, flowerpots, buckets or used paint cans and make holes for planting
  37. Transfer the seeds to the planting area.
  38. First separate the seeds from the sowing medium slowly so that the roots are not damaged
  39. Place the seeds in the planting hole and cover the hole with soil.
  40. Remember to compress so that your garlic can grow solidly


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